Contoh Tulisan Tentang Orang Tua Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Tentang Orang Tua
Tentang Orang Tua |

Tentang Orang Tua – Tulisan ini merupakan salah contoh penulisan tentang orang tua dalam bahasa inggris, dapat teman-teman jadikan sebuah referensi untuk membuat tugas sekolah atau kuliah. Semoga bermanfaat.


My father’s name is Muhammad B, B is initial name of my grandfather Budiman. My father was born on 1st March 1969, he is the fifth son of six siblings. My father was born and growth in Kampung Baro, a little village in south Sumatra.

After finishing his study at junior high school level in the village, he continued his senior high school level at Sibolga, the capital city of our district precisely at teacher education school (SPG).

Now, my father had becomed headmaster of Terbangan cut elementary school since five years ago, after becoming as teacher employee throughout seven years in some schools before. (106 words)


My mother’s name is Fatimah, she was born on 23th February 1971 at Teupin Gajah. She is the eighth daughter of ten siblings. She had a big family, my grandfather was married to four woman, so I have four grandmothers from my mother’s blood.

After finishing her study in senior high school level in the village, she traveled to Medan, she said that she had left at Medan for about two years, she had taken computer course at Medan for six months before going back to village and marrying to my father. After that she is living in Kampung Baro, my father’s village until now. (108 words)

Contoh Tulisan Tentang Orang Tua Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Parent Best Moment |


My father is the wisest man who comes into my life, he taught me a lot of things to this day, he is a strict person so because that character sometimes I felt miffed when I was kid.

One day I was late back to home at the night almost midnight , I had played chess in my neighbor’s house, and when I went in home suddenly he approached and slapped me, he was so angry caused I came back home late at night.

I often got the same punishment when I had done some mistakes and I was furious by the punishment at that time, but now I released, my father just tried to teach me the good manners and characters.

A lot of other memories with father were recorded in my mind.  I continued my study at Banda Aceh in junior high school level, my father drove me to this town. It was a deeply moving journey.

My father borrowed money from relatives to fund my initial entrance fee school at Medan. A long of this journey, I released one important thing, my father would do his best as he can to make me educated and useful in the future, I got many advices during this journey and I kept them in my mind until today. He taught me how to cope with life overseas. (228 words)


I considered my mother as a quite tough and the most graceful person, I always confide in her in every issue whole my life.

When I was kid about four years old, I did not get education in kinder garden but my mother was my teacher, she taught me reciting quran, praying, Indonesian alphabet, numeric etc. This just like according to Arabic proverb “ al ummu madrasatul ula”, mother is the first school (for children).

My mother also controlled my study throughout elementary school level, she asked me about my exercise score in every after school, appreciated me when I got the good score and taught me if I got the bad score.

I recorded a lot of memories with my mother until now, when my mother just had given birth to my fourth sister, my father was not at home, he went away to work and did not see us for three months, I was in second grade of elementary school at that time, I saw my mother was quite tough faced it even when her situation was less healthy.

One day, I had a fight with my young brother so he cried, my mother cold me to her room and I wondered that she would scold me.

But she did not, otherwise she hugged me and said to me “Give your good attitude to your brother, do not fight him and always protect him”. I am still keeping that words in my mind until today. (247 words)


I hope my parents always keep on their obligation as moslem such as praying, fasting etc. I have a goal to take my parents to mecca. Last three months I won a national competition, reciting quran competition, and I received the gift equivalent to bring my parents to mecca (umrah), I would realize it next year Insyaallah.

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