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Le Grand Voyage review
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“Le grand voyage”

1. Plot

Reda is a French teenager, one day his father asked reda to accompany him on a pilgrimage to mecca, he reluctantly agreed eventhough he had to leave an examination in his school/campus.

They traveled by car not by plane, along the way, they met several interesting experiences, and they also met some characters, on the way to mecca, reda learnt much about islam.

After all their hard journey, they reached mecca but the father passed away soon after doing his pilgrimage.

The plot is forward

2. Characters


  • Reda
  • The Father

Antagonist : Mustapha

Mixed :  The old woman

3. Genre

Drama/ Romance

4. Setting

Time: on pilgrimage months

Place : France through Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, turkey, syiria and Jordan before reaching Saudi Arabia.

Social environment : Most of scenes were taken in the middle east, so the middle east’s culture was dominated in that movie.

5. Point of view

3rd Person

6. Tone

The tones were dominated with seious tone, but some time also mixed with humorous, but in the ending of the movie was sad scene.

7. Theme

The movie portrays the relationship between father and son on a religious pilgrimage trip by car.

8. Messegas/ lessons learnt from the movie

This movie tought me:

  • Doing a religious pilgrimage will teach us a lot of lesson about life an religion.
  • Respecting parent, they have their own reason or way to educate us.
  • Aware with our obligation as a mouslem.
  • Helping each other, eventhough we are in the difficulty.
  • We never knows when some of our family or relatives or friends will leave us (die), so always show our best attitude to other .

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