The Singapura Collection.

The Singapura collection is inspired by the Peranakan culture. The Peranakans, also known as babas, trace their history back to the 15th century when Chinese and Indian traders first settled in the Malay Peninsula, introducing their customs and traditions into the local culture. 

I am inspired by the quirky little shops along Joo Chiat Rd., the array of colourful shophouses on Arab St., peranekan utensils from my favourite restaurant, the quaint kopitiam on Killiney Rd...the list goes on!
I take traditional Singaporean designs and translate them into beautiful little gifts.


Samarkand Collection.

If it is said that a paradise is to be seen in this world, then the paradise of this world is Samarkand.  ~ 'Ata-Malik Juvaini

The Samarkand collection takes its inspiration from the city of Samarkand which was at the heart of the Silk Route through Central Asia. The Silk Route was an ancient network of roads initially for trade but quickly became the beacon of cultural and artistic exchange between the West and the East. 

The city became the beneficiary of a convergence of myriad world cultures throughout centuries. As a result, the city of Samarkand evolved to blend and encapsulate the magnificent art, architecture, textile trends from the Western hemisphere to Eastern hemisphere. This collection pays homage to those brilliant eras when Samarkand city became the heart and soul of the world.